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Flag in front of City Hall

Ray Strowbridge


Councillor Ray Strowbridge was first elected to Common Council in May of 2012, and was re-elected in 2016. He currently lives in Glen Falls in East Saint John.

Ray is a paramedic with Ambulance New Brunswick, a member of the Finance Committee for the City of Saint John, and he sits on the Board of Directors for Saint John Non Profit Housing. He also works with local community groups including the Glen Falls Community Committee, Latimore Lake Community Association, Champlain Heights Community Association, and the Red Head Community Association—which he helped establish. As a Councillor, Ray has a keen interest in community capacity building within Saint John neighbourhoods, as well as a stable tax rate and stable services.

A dedicated father, Ray is passionate about his city, and enjoys helping to move Saint John forward to make it a better place for all.