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Dispute Process

If you wish to dispute a parking ticket you received, please complete an online complaint form. Your complaint must be received within 48 hours of the date of issue of your ticket. The form will be reviewed by the supervisor, who will decide whether to excuse the ticket or not. If the supervisor deems that the ticket is valid but you still wish to dispute the matter, you may await the summons to attend Traffic Court. A trial date will be set and you may present your argument for the Provincial Court Judge's ruling.

Paper versions of this form are also available at the Saint John Parking Commission office or at the City of Saint John Payment Centre in the Shoppes of City Hall. You may also mail, fax, or email a letter of complaint, referencing your ticket number and vehicle license plate along with an explanation of the nature of your dispute.

E-Mail Address:
Fax Number: (506) 649-7938