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Labour Relations

The City of Saint John is currently experiencing a labour disruption due to a strike by CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Local 486, representing a significant portion of the city's inside workforce at approximately 140 members. This web page aims to provide an overview of the situation, along with key updates and information.

Labour negotiations have been ongoing between the City of Saint John and the Board of Police Commissioners of the City of Saint John, as the employers, and CUPE Local 486 since June 2022, with recent involvement from a provincially appointed Conciliation Officer. After meeting with the union 26 times, including two days of Conciliation in July 2023, conciliation efforts ended unsuccessfully and CUPE Local 486 subsequently held a legal strike vote on Wednesday, September 6.

During the labour disruption, the City is committed to providing residents with timely updates. Information will be disseminated through this dedicated web page on, the City’s social media accounts, and through information distributed to traditional media.

The City has contingency plans in place to limit service disruptions and to ensure as many services remain as active as possible.

As the employers, the City of Saint John and Saint John Board of Police Commissioners are committed to reaching an agreement with CUPE Local 486 that reflects fairness and responsibility for both taxpayers and employees.