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Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week May 2-8, 2022


The Saint John Police celebrates CMHA Mental Health Week from May 2-8, 2022.

According to Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) 2022, Mental Health Week is a Canadian tradition where communities, schools, and workplaces celebrate, protect, and promote mental health. This year marks the 71st annual CMHA mental health week with the theme of empathy – “Before you weigh in, tune in”.

Empathy allows us to understand another person’s perspective, even if we do not agree with them. It also allows us to validate and support one another, because we can relate to their experience.

“One of the greatest gifts you can provide another person whether it’s a family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance is your time. A non-judgmental hand up or ear to listen costs you nothing but makes the world of difference for those experiencing mental health challenges.” Chief R.M. Bruce

The Saint John Police would like to encourage our partners and the residents at large to participate in this worthy cause. For more information, please see