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Chief’s Advisory Committee (CAC)

On Behalf of Inspector T. LeBlanc

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, Inspector Tanya LeBlanc provided an update on the Chief’s Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners.

The Saint John Police Force is committed to transparency, accountability and working in collaboration with the community. The Saint John Police Force and the CAC will identify barriers, challenges and opportunities which will affect community relationships and improve service delivery. The CAC will provide Chief Robert Bruce advice regarding Saint John Police Force initiatives with CAC members having the ability to propose initiatives and strategies. The CAC will be the voice of the community which will be paramount in the development of action plans aimed at providing accessible and inclusive policing services.

The committee, established in the fall of 2020, currently consists of 12 representatives from 11 community groups and stakeholders. “The information discussed and provided by the committee to the Saint John Police Force is vital in creating, maintaining and sustaining a safe, secure, healthy, fair and respectful community for all those who live, work and visit the City of Saint John,” says Chief Robert Bruce.

“Transparency, accountability and diversity are three of the main pillars of the committee which will serve our community well moving forward,” adds Chief Bruce. “The Police Force and its members have always relied on a strong relationship with its community partners and with the formation of this committee, that relationship is expanded and solidified for better understanding moving forward,” says Chief Bruce.  

The information shared with the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners at its meeting on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, can be found in the link below.