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Fraud Alert

The Saint John Police are alerting the public to recent cryptocurrency scams occurring in the community.   

Since the beginning of May, the Saint John Police have responded to at least five separate occurrences of cryptocurrency, specifically BITCOIN related scams resulting in ten of thousands of dollars in losses. 

As a reminder, banking institutions, police officers, or representatives from any other legitimate financial or government institutions, including the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will not ask you to withdrawal funds and send them BITCOIN or purchase gift cards.  


  • Be aware of unsolicited calls asking for your personal or banking information. If you did not initiate the call, do not assume you know who you are talking to.  

  • Be aware of phone calls threatening arrest or large fines if you do not do what the caller asks.  

  • Be aware of paying fees or deposits in advance of receiving goods and services including on-line buy and sell sites.  

  • Be aware of phone calls asking you to send payments using cryptocurrencies and prepaid gift or credit cards. Caller ID spoofing can make incoming calls appear legitimate. In these cases, call your financial institution, credit card company or the business yourself.    

  • Be aware of urgent messages that appear on your computer or sent to you in an e-mail. Do not click on these. They may contain viruses or spyware. Do not call the number provided. Many scams threaten to lock your computer in exchange for funds.  

  • Protect your accounts on-line with strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.  

  • Watch out for urgent pleas for your money. Do not be afraid to say no to high-pressure sales tactics. 

  • Do not send sexual photos or videos of yourself to anyone. Sextortion is a common scam.  

  • Legitimate businesses, financial institutions, government agencies including the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and police do not threaten clients. 

For more information on how to protect yourself visit or to report a suspected scam visit Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre ( or call 1-888-495-8501.