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Off-Road Vehicle Education and Enforcement Campaign

Off-Road Vehicle Education and Enforcement Campaign

The Saint John Police, in partnership with Justice and Public Safety New Brunswick, will be conducting an off-road vehicle education and enforcement campaign between June 24-26, 2022. The focus of the campaign will be to promote safe riding of off-road vehicles through education and enforcement.  

During the campaign, SJPF and JPS officers will engage with all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riders in the community to promote the importance of safe riding habits, proper clothing and protective gear, and mechanically safe vehicles. 

According to Statistics Canada, from 2013-2019: 

  • Alcohol/drug use was reported in 51% of ATV driver fatalities. 

  • Road conditions, such as a dangerous surface, a slope or a curve, were reported in 33% of ATV fatalities. 

  • Not wearing a helmet/not safely wearing a helmet was reported in 33% of ATV fatalities 

What is the law in New Brunswick? 


  • All-terrain vehicles must be insured unless operated only on the owner’s property. 

  • Insurance is mandatory for all off-road vehicles operating on trails and recommended for dirt bikes and dune buggies. 

  • Operators must carry proof of insurance. 


  • All off-road vehicles must be registered each year and display a valid licence plate. 

  • Operators must carry proof of registration.  

Trail Passes: 

  • All-terrain vehicles using New Brunswick-managed trails pass must be permanently attached and clearly visible. 

Safety Equipment: 

  • All operators and passengers of any off-road vehicle are required to wear a helmet that complies with standards prescribed under the motor vehicle act. 

  • Off-road vehicles must be equipped with at least one working headlight, a red taillight and a red brake light. 

  • Operators are prohibited from driving off-road vehicles that cause excessive or unusual noise. 

Age Requirements: 

  • Snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle operators under the age of 16 are required to take an approved safety training course. 

  • All operators under 16 years of age must: 

  • Complete an approved safety training course 

  • Be supervised in clear view of someone who is at least 19 years old. 

  • There are ATV size restrictions for operators under 16 

For more information and complete list of legal requirements, please visit Off-Road Vehicle Requirements (  

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