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Saint John Police Force Seeks Community Input on Strategic Plan

Last week, the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners announced the launch of the development of a new strategic plan.

Board Chair Ed Keyes stated, “Though the overarching values to serve and protect stand the test of time as principles for the Saint John Police Force, we recognize that the needs of society and our stakeholders continuously evolve. Our success is only possible by thoroughly understanding and responding to the needs of our community.”

In the coming weeks, the Saint John Police Force, in conjunction with strategic management consulting company The Chapman Group, will welcome interested stakeholders to engage and share their suggestions and concerns through focus groups and surveys, both online and paper based.

“Engaging the public and community groups through consultation and ensuring easy options to provide feedback from all stakeholders, is an important piece of shaping this document as we define the strategic priorities of the Police Force for the next three to five years,” says Saint John Police Chief Steph Drolet.

Following the development of the strategic priorities and their adoption by the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners, the Saint John Police Force will create its annual performance plan outlining the initiatives and measures for each priority.

“The performance plan and reporting on its progress toward objectives will provide transparent accountability and a continual focus on the delivery of service to our community,” adds Chief Drolet.