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Saint John Police Force/Public Safety Enforcement Unit Vehicle Modification Regulations

The issue of modifications to tinted windows on a growing number of vehicles in Saint John, resulted in stepping up enforcement by officers in recent days.

75 violations were issued to drivers due to the fact their vehicles had modifications to the tint on the windows which exceeds what is allowable under the NB Motor Vehicle Act.

“Along with it not being legal, modifications to tint on the windows of vehicles, is a safety concern,” says Sergeant Mike McCaig.” “SJPF/Public Safety Enforcement Unit remind all drivers to remove any tint modifications to their vehicles that exceed the 30% allowed under the NB Motor Vehicle Act,” adds Sergeant McCaig.

Anyone operating or installing tint on the windows of a vehicle, outside of the 30% allowed, is subject to an offence under the NB Motor Vehicle Act. Mechanic Shops that inspect vehicles with tint on windows that have been modified from the 30% allowable, are also subject to an offence, if the vehicle passes inspection.

More information in relation to the NB Motor Vehicle Act can be found at the link below:


Jim Hennessy

Manager of Communications

Saint John Police Force