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Community Policing

Crime prevention, and the creation of safer neighbourhoods, are primary goals of the Saint John Police Force—but they can only be accomplished in partnership with the community they serve. Community police officers work collaboratively with citizens, schools, businesses, community groups, and other organizations to identify and resolve issues that affect the wellbeing and livability of the entire neighbourhood.  Police officers need your help to solve problems, prevent crime, and protect your community. The Saint John Police Force Crime Reduction Team (CRT) consists of four community police officers assigned to various priority neighbourhoods in the City of Saint John. 


Our Community Officers are:

SGT. David Hartley-Brown, 130 Maclaren Blvd, Crescent Valley Resource Centre , 977-1373, 

Constable Cory Jamieson, 85 Durham ST , Nick Nicolle Centre , 639-4042, 

Constable Duane Squires , 251 Wentworth ST, PULSE , 977-1733,