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Crisis Support

Every Saint John resident deserves support and help when they need it—especially if they’re in crisis. A crisis may develop due to a crime against you, it may be a sudden unexpected disaster, such as a car accident, or it may be related to one’s mental health. People are impacted by a crisis in lots of different ways. You might experience dramatic shifts in sleep habits, sudden changes in mood, withdrawal from normal activities, decreased performance at school or work, the neglect of personal hygiene, and even changes in weight. Regardless, the person in crisis experiences intolerable difficulty that exceeds their coping mechanisms.

If you or someone you know is in crisis:

  • Prioritize. Focus on what's important at the moment. This can mean getting yourself out of an unsafe situation or it can mean just focusing on the basics so that you can get through each day.
  • Care for yourself. This can be done by using relaxation techniques (e.g., yoga, meditation).
  • Recruit your health support systems—connect with friends and family and bring them in so they can share in your burdens.

You’ll also likely want to seek professional help. Depending on the nature of your crisis, get in touch with: