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Protect Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is a high-value item, which makes it a target for thieves. Don’t become a victim. There are a lot of common-sense steps you can take to protect yourself and your vehicle from being targeted.

  • Park your vehicle in well-lit areas with pedestrian traffic, facing the street. Anyone tampering with the vehicle is more likely to be seen.
  • Always remove your keys and lock your doors when leaving your vehicle. Never leave your vehicle running while unattended.
  • If you have a garage, park your vehicle in it.
  • Do not leave your garage door opener on your dashboard or visor. Lock it inside your glove box or keep it with you—this prevents thieves from accessing your home if your car is stolen.
  • Never leave extra keys inside the vehicle or under the hood. 
  • Never put your name or address on your house or car keys.
  • Do not leave personal identification or credit cards in your vehicle.
  • Secure and hide valuables in your trunk or take them with you.
  • Inscribe your vehicle licence plate number on items like a stereo and navigation system using a permanent marking device—such as an indelible marker or engraver.
  • When returning to your vehicle at night, be aware of your surroundings. Look underneath and inside your vehicle before entering.
  • Before driving your vehicle, check to make sure no one has stolen or switched your licence plates.
  • Consider installing anti-theft devices, such as an audible car alarm, steering wheel/brake pedal lock, or movement immobilizing devices.
  • Install a locking gas cap.