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Saint John Police Station

Police Force Purpose

The Saint John Police Force is unique in that we believe safety is best achieved through a collaborative working relationship between trained police officers, and residents of the community. We see ourselves as partners with the people of Saint John in enhancing safety, security, and quality of life by enforcing the law and preventing crime. These ideas are put most clearly in our mission statement: Police and community working together for a safer Saint John.

We believe in equal respect for all, and in earning the trust of the community we serve and protect.

We believe in the value of leadership from all our employees—it’s not based on rank or title.  

We believe in professional and moral integrity, anchored by respectful, honest, fair, considerate, and ethical behaviour.

We believe in a work environment that’s flexible and offers capacity for creative and innovative solutions.

We believe in open channels of communication, where teamwork leads to shared problem solving and decision-making.  

We believe in building a trusting relationship with the community we serve, based on a common respect for the value of human life; respect for diversity and equality; and respect for human rights and freedoms.  

We believe in investing in our people—with a commitment to both a healthy work place and continued training.