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Saint John Police Station

Compliance Tickets

Compliance tickets are typically issued (under the Motor Vehicle Act) for failure to show proof of insurance, and for mechanical defaults. The compliance ticket is a gesture by the issuing officers to give an individual a short period of time to correct any problems. By taking the steps necessary to correct a violation, compliance tickets can be cancelled or reversed.

How it works

If you’ve received a compliance ticket (it will be marked “compliance”), take the opportunity to have the specific violation corrected. Keep receipts, and take photos of the correction. The issuing officer will request you notify them personally by calling our dispatch service at an agreed upon date. Take your ticket and other proof of compliance to the Saint John Police headquarters and meet the issuing officer to show compliance. If the issuing officer is unavailable, the proof of compliance will be reviewed by the Traffic Sergeant on the Monday following the offence date.

If the period for compliance has expired, you must pay the fine, or you may contest the violation by following the directions on the back of the of the issued violation.