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Garbage and composting pick up

Waste Wise Pilot

Your neighbourhood is becoming Waste Wise!

The Waste Wise pilot program is designed to make things easy for our residential customers by introducing curbside recycling and limiting "garbage." 

The pilot begins May 20, 2021 in the Rockwood area and May 26, 2021 in the Latimore Lake area.

City of Saint John solid waste customers will receive:

  • one (1)(180L) waste cart
  • one (1) green recycling bin for plastic and metal 
  • one (1) blue recycling in complete with a lid for paper, cardboard, and boxboard

To limit garbage, we are introducing a bag tag system. For the pilot, you will receive eight (8) complimentary "bag tags," to be used on garbage bags that exceed the waste cart limit. 

Waste and compost carts are to be placed with wheels to the curb (or towards the ditch in rural areas) by 7:30 a.m. on your regular pick-up day. 

Recycling must be curbside for pick-up by 11:00 p.m. the evening before your regular garbage pick-up day. 

We value your feedback as one of the Waste Wise pilot participants. We want to hear from you! Please email with your comments or contact our Customer Service Centre at 658-4455.