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Saint John, New Brunswick

Nestled on the powerful Bay of Fundy, Saint John is a beautiful, historic, and vibrantly urban city—surrounded by breathtaking and rejuvenating nature experiences. You can have it all. Whether you live in or visit Canada’s first incorporated city, you’re sure to be caught up in its gorgeous historic architecture, eclectic shops and restaurants, and rich arts and culture experiences. You’ll also be swept away by its natural attractions. The tides of the Bay of Fundy, the nature trails of Rockwood Park, and the relaxing pockets of historic urban parks all invite you to breathe deeply and enjoy a pause from the city’s energy.

Saint John is a true city. Truly inspired by the nature that defines it.

The only city on the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is an astonishing force of nature. And from the City of Saint John, you have a front seat for every experience it offers. Uptown Saint John rises majestically from the shores of this world-famous bay—so wherever your exploration takes you, the Bay of Fundy is your constant companion. Serene, yes, but also extremely powerful. The tides in the Bay of Fundy can rise an astonishing 16 metres, as 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in (and out) of the bay as the tide changes. And where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy, you can get a feel for that power—at the Reversing Falls, the tides of the Bay of Fundy actually force the water at the mouth of the river to reverse its flow.


Visiting Saint John

A city of vibrant and unique neighbourhoods

Saint John is a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own unique geography, personality, and density. Which means, for our residents, no matter the lifestyle you like to live, you can find it in Saint John. Here, neighbourhoods span from the historic, to the recently built. From urban to rural. From dense and vibrant, to spacious and peaceful. But wherever you live or explore, you’re never far from a water view, the conveniences of daily life, and the friendly, warm people that define who we are. Welcome. To whatever it is you’re looking for.


Explore Our Neighbourhoods

Moving to Saint John

A life flavoured by creative expression

A rich history of intersecting cultures, a dynamic and varied population of residents, and an open-minded sentiment of discovery have all contributed to Saint John’s vibrant culture of creativity and appreciation of the arts. Public art, visual arts, theatrical performances, fascinating galleries, live music, dance, and festivals define life for our people. In Saint John, both residents and the City government foster imaginative thinking and the celebration of creativity—wherever it originates. No wonder Saint John has been designated a Cultural Capital of Canada.


Arts and Culture

Energy and momentum for the future

In Saint John, an optimism for the future is underscored by a well-educated population, a transition to knowledge-based economy, and an uptown environment that inspires creativity. Saint John is well-positioned for growth and continued prosperity for residents and future business prospects. Here, affordable real estate, a collaborative business community, and global connections are making Saint John a focal point for investment and entrepreneurs. This is the place to be in New Brunswick. Where a palpable energy is driving us ahead.


Opening or Growing a Business

Uptown Saint John