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A view of Uptown Saint John from Saint John Harbour

Corporate Plans and Projects

Having well-researched, properly funded, and thoughtful plans is one way the City secures the strongest future possible for all residents. Through Corporate Plans, the City maps out priorities and key focus areas that will guide the decisions of Saint John Common Council. The following Corporate Plans address some of the City’s challenges and opportunities, and give Council direction on where and how to invest resources. A strong future—through better planning.

Our 10-year, Long-Term Financial Plan developed in 2020, will ensure the City can afford to provide reliable services and sound infrastructure for the next decade and beyond. The plan is a foundation that lays out targets to be implemented in our annual budgets.

PlanSJ is our municipal plan and guides development and investment in the City of Saint John. It ensures that the development and planning decisions made by the City over the the 25-year planning period are made in the long-term, best interests of the whole community. This holistic plan shapes how the City develops and delivers infrastructure and services to enrich the quality of life for its citizens. Adopted in 2012, it represents a fundamental shift in the City of Saint John’s (the City) future; one grounded in a more sustainable and compact pattern of growth for the City.

MoveSJ is a three phase project that will guide how people and goods will move throughout the City. The plan will guide transportation infrastructure investments within the City for the next 25 years. The purpose of MoveSJ is to create a balanced transportation network. It integrates active shared modes of transportation and supports sustainable development, healthy communities, and a vibrant urban centre.

The City of Saint John has been recognized nationally as a leader in environmental leadership in Canada. This section contains our Climate Action Plan and information about the many environmental and climate change initiatives undertaken by the City.

PlaySJ is the strategic plan for parks and recreation to meet the community’s recreational needs while remaining within our financial means. It provides guidelines and recommendations on how best to advance our quality of life and make Saint John a more attractive place to live, work and play.

Growth plans emphasizing economic and population growth will determine Saint John’s future. This section provides specifics about how the City is working to encourage growth.

The 2023-2033 Saint John City Market Strategic Plan will chart a vision forward under key direction to maintain its reputation as the premier destination and gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

The City must couple our short-term cost-control measures with reforms. For several years, we’ve been working to close our budget gap. The Sustainability Plan addresses the immediate priority of balancing the 2021 and 2022 budgets and details the longer-term work needed with the province and our regional partners to close the gap.

The City of Saint John's 10-Year Strategic Plan identifying a renewed vision for the City and a new set of long-term goals was approved by Council on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.  The plan will serve as a management tool to improve the City’s performance and align with existing plans, including the Long-term Financial Plan, PlanSJ, and MoveSJ.