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Football at Emera Field Shamrock Park

Sports Fields and Courts

Playing sports is more than just good for your physical health—it promotes social connection, nurtures friendship, and contributes to quality of life. But, whether you’re competing against yourself, a bunch of friends, or another team in your league, you need the sports facility before you can get your game on.

Saint John has you covered, with a multitude of outdoor sports facilities all across the city. You’ll find—and you can book— baseball and softball fields, multipurpose fields for soccer, football, and other field sports, as well as several tennis courts and basketball courts.

Saint John's Sports Field information line is updated daily by 3 pm at 652-PLAY (7529)

Field Booking Deadlines

The City of Saint John is now accepting applications for field, arena floor  and court bookings for the Summer 2022 season.   

  • All fields (ballfield, multipurpose, Emera Field : May 20th- Sept 5th, 2022.
  • Arena Floor:  May 20th  – September 19th , 2022 (Stewart Hurley and Charles Gorman)

Deadline for applications is is Tuesday March 29th , 2022.

Once completed, please email applications to


Summer Sports: (May - September) Deadline for applications is mid-March

Fall Sports: (September  –  November) Deadline for applications is mid-June


Sports Fields and Courts

Sports Fields and Courts:

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Last updated May 18, 2022 at 4:16 PM

Online Sports Field Bookings

Booking fields and courts online within the City of Saint John may require online registration. First time users must create an account before registering online.

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