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Garbage and composting pick up

Curbside Pickup

Update (May 1, 2024): Provincial recycling program now in effect for Saint John

The City of Saint John would like to make residents aware of changes to curbside recycling collection services.  As part of the Province of New Brunswick’s recently expanded Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program, management of all curbside recycling collection will become the responsibility of a third-party service provider, Miller Waste, beginning May 1.

All recycling collection inquiries should be directed to Miller Waste including replacement totes, schedules and missed collections:

Phone: 1-833-644-1163


The ReCollect app is currently being updated and will still be the best source for determining your pickup day. In the meantime, residents can go to NB Recycling Guide_CitySaintJohn to find your recycling schedule.

A non-profit called Circular Materials ( is coordinating this EPR expansion. The recycling collection service provider for Saint John is Miller Waste.

What residents need to know about their curbside recycling collection

  • As of May 1, residents will have new curbside recycling pickup dates and times. Collection schedules will be managed and implemented by Miller Waste and details about the changes are expected to be communicated by Circular Materials in the coming days.
  • The ReCollect app is currently being updated and will still be available and the best source for determining your pickup day. 
  • There will be no changes to the types of materials that can be recycled under the new program.
  • There are no changes to collection of your garbage or compost as a result of this program.

The change comes as a result of the Province of New Brunswick’s expansion of the EPR program to paper and packaging under the Designated Materials Regulation and is being implemented in municipalities throughout the province


Improved curbside garbage, recycling and compost collection services are now underway with the enhanced Waste Wise Program. CLICK HERE to learn more.

For eligible residential properties, the City of Saint John collects your household garbage and organics on one week and two week schedules, Monday through Friday. To keep your neighbourhood clean, please do not place your waste curbside before the following timeframes.

For daytime collection, place your waste curbside between 10 p.m. the evening before collection, and 7:30 a.m. the day of collection. For nighttime collection, place your waste curbside between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Please note: As of October 23, 2022, recycling, compost and garbage waste for nighttime collection must be placed curbside before 10:00 p.m.

Collection schedules are subject to change as of October 23. Use the ReCollect tool below to find your collection schedule.

Solid waste customers are reminded that electronics are not collected with regular garbage and compost collection service. These items may be recycled free of charge at select depots across the city. For more information, please visit

How to stash your trash

  • Small bags—such as grocery bags or small kitchen bags—are not accepted. Please place smaller bags in either an approved container, or a larger garbage bag.
  • Loose garbage will not be accepted. Items must be bagged or bundled.
  • Bags must be non-transparent and cannot weigh more than 20 kg (about 40 pounds).
  • Metal or plastic containers with a cover may be used to store garbage. Containers with bagged contents may not weigh more than 20 kg (about 40 pounds) total.
  • Please label dangerous items like broken glass. There are specific packaging requirements for glass for the operators safety.
  • Packages or bundles must be baled or tied, and cannot exceed 1 metre (3 feet) in length, and .5 metres in width or depth. They also cannot weigh more than 20 kg (40 pounds) each. 
  • Use an approved compostable bag for compost weighing no more than 20 kg (40 pounds). Curbside green plastic organics cart must not weigh more than 100 pounds with contents.
  • Park your compost or garbage bin correctly. The best location for your cart is at the edge of your driveway. The wheels must be facing the house and the lid must be closed but not secured.  Ensure that the cart is at least an arm’s length away from other objects such as bags of garbage or a car.

City of Saint John garbage and compost collection eligibility is based on the Provincial Property Assessment Data and the City of Saint John’s Solid Waste By-Law.  Commercial properties and multi-unit (five or more units) residences within a garbage collection route are not serviced. If you have any questions regarding service in your area, please call 658-4455.