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Night Market on South Market Street

Hosting an Event

Planning to host an event in a public space in the City of Saint John? The City's Special Events Team is here to help!

Our team can help answer your questions and provide guidance about which municipal spaces are available, municipal bylaws that apply, permit requirements and event planning best practices.

All community events on municipal property require City approval to reserve the space and ensure the safety and success of all the event elements. Approval is contingent on many factors including the nature of the request, venue availability, completion and submission of all necessary event requirements. Submission of an event application constitutes a request for use of a public parks space or street closure for the purpose of an event and does not guarantee event approval.

Depending on the size and scope of your event, you may be approved as early as 2 weeks, however a minimum of 4 weeks and sometimes longer than 16 weeks may be required to review and process your application.

The City of Saint John reserves the right to revoke access and/or cancel an event up to and including the day of the event or at any time during an event.