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City of Saint john City Hall Progression sculpture

Awards, Grants, Incentives, and Donations

Champions come in many forms. Everyday heroes who lift us up by sharing their talents. They strengthen our community by championing causes, creating events, developing initiatives, fostering growth and supporting community needs.
Through a variety of awards, grants, incentives and donations, the City of Saint John is investing in the impact champions have in our community.

2020 Highlights

  • Over $34,000 has been committed this year to beautification grants for eligible properties in the South Central Peninsula and Waterloo Village

  • Up to $80,000 is issued annually in heritage grants, with a recognition ceremony held in February.

  • A total of $55,000 was issued in March to support 27 local arts and cultural organizations and projects.

  • Twenty-seven applicants were awarded a total of $179,721 in community grant funding.