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Flag in front of City Hall

Mayor and Common Council

Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 15 Market Square, every two weeks on Monday evenings beginning at 6:00 p.m. Live, televised coverage of Council meetings is provided on Rogers Cable, Channel 10. Council and committee meetings are also webcast via the City’s website. 

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Presenting at a Common Council meeting

If you wish to speak at a Council meeting, complete the form titled, “Present to Council Request”. If Council approves your request, a presentation time will be scheduled. The time allotment for a presentation is set by Council policy.

If you wish to submit a letter to Common Council to appear on the agenda of a Council meeting, complete the form titled, “Submission to Council”. There are further directions and information on the form.

All submissions must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting. Submissions must not contain defamatory or offensive language, and must include the name and mailing address or the telephone number of the author.

Letters to the Common Council should be addressed to Common Clerk's Office, at City Hall. Letters must be received no later than Tuesday prior to a meeting to be considered.