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Animal Control

For many of us, our dogs are part of the family. And as family members, it’s important that our dogs are healthy and properly cared for. It’s also important that our dog owners are respectful citizens who ensure that their dog doesn’t disturb others in the community. Saint John’s Dog Control By-law regulates how our City’s dogs are handled in relation to other residents.

The Dog Control By-law is enforced by the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue. Call SPCA Animal Rescue to lodge a complaint or concern and to report a dog bite.  The Police Force can also be called in the event of a dog bite.

Saint John’s Dog Control By-law requires that dog owners:

  • License their dog. You can buy a license at SPCA Animal Rescue, City Hall and various other outlets, such as Animal Hospitals and Pet Shops for $25 (dogs that are not spayed or neutered), or $10 (dogs that are spayed or neutered). To get a license, you must supply contact information, specifics of the dog, and proof of vaccination for distemper and rabies.
  • Clean up after their dog on property other than where the dog lives.
  • Control barking that might disturb the neighbourhood.
  • Ensure their dog is always leashed when off its property. 
  • Ensure their dog does not bite or attempt to bite a person.