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Moving to Saint John

If you’re considering a move to Saint John, there’s really just one thing you need to know: our residents have a history of being the happiest people in Canada*. Why is that? Might be the people—we’re a friendly, warm, and welcoming bunch. Might be the location—on the stunning Bay of Fundy. Could be that it’s the perfect mix of urban energy, outdoors-y fun, and creative vibe. Then again, it could be that your incomparable lifestyle is also unbelievably affordable. Ready to find your version of happy in Saint John?

*(Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)

It’s a wonderful life—that you can afford

Saint John is a beautiful city with stunning historical architecture, a dynamic arts scene, rich in parks and wilderness, great shopping, and every type of home you can imagine. It’s also, surprisingly, one of the world’s most affordable cities.

In 2020, Saint John was named the 6th most affordable City in the world for middle income housing* by Demographia* International with a median home price of $168,000, and a median household income of $68,700.

With an average rent for a 2-bedroom unit at $825 in 2020. We also have some of the lowest rental rates in Canada**.

If you dream of homeownership, that can be your reality in Saint John far quicker than in other cities in Canada with it taking about 5 years to save for a 20% down payment in Saint John vs 21 years in Toronto or even 29 years in Vancouver***

How can you afford to not move here?

*Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2020  (pdf)
**  2020 Rental Market Survey 2020 (CMHC), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
***Generation Squeeze. Straddling the gap (pdf)


Where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy

For centuries, people near and far have made a home for themselves here. And people today continue to realize the same thing. Here, the urban and natural world’s collide, like the world-famous Bay of Fundy and the St. John River. Here, where the world’s highest tides literally reverse the flow of the river, your life can be defined by both the city’s charms, and the open air that our natural world offers.

Find your perfect neighbourhood

Saint John is a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own unique geography, personality, and density. Which means, for our residents, no matter the lifestyle you like to live, you can find it in Saint John. Neighbourhoods span from the historic, to the recently built. From urban to rural. From dense and vibrant, to spacious and peaceful. Welcome. To whatever it is you’re looking for.


Explore Our Neighbourhoods

Uptown Saint John

Music, art, and theatre

Saint John is a place that fosters creative expression, supports artistic endeavours, and appreciates innovative thinking. Public art, visual arts, theatrical performances, fascinating galleries, live music, dance, and festivals are, unsurprisingly, a valuable and celebrated part of life here. These cultural institutions make life richer, more enjoyable, and more rewarding for all our residents. No wonder Saint John has been designated a Cultural Capital of Canada.


Arts and Culture

Symphony New Brunswick

Imperial Theatre

A place you’ll be glad to call home.

The word “balance” is thrown around a lot these days. Typically, it's easier to talk about than actually find. Not in Saint John. People here care deeply about quality of life, and are lucky enough to actually enjoy it. From satisfying careers and quality schools to a vibrant uptown and sprawling nature parks, the people of Saint John really do have it all. It’s life. Lived right.



Parks and Recreation

Restaurants and nightlife.

Our historic uptown neighbourhood houses a rare concentration of homogeneous, primarily late 19th- century buildings and architecture. Today, an uptown explorer is rewarded with beautiful streetscapes lined with gorgeous old buildings that house some of the city’s most dynamic businesses. During the day, galleries, shops, markets, boutiques, and restaurants all vie for your attention. And at night, the pubs, bistros, theatres, and clubs make wandering uptown an equally memorable experience. Ready to feel the energy?


Uptown Saint John

We’ll help you get settled.

A friendly place like Saint John would never leave you to navigate your move alone. If you think Saint John might be in your future, then allow us to help you find your way. From finding work, to finding a home, to finding activities and community events that will help you feel connected, we have people and resources to help you get settled. So don’t think twice. You got this.


Saint John Careers

Greater Saint John Real Estate Board

The Saint John Newcomers Centre

New Resident Guide