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Saint John, New Brunswick is a special place where the St. John River meets the Bay of Fundy. Canada's first incorporated city is reinventing itself.

St. John River
1.5m / 5ft
As of 9:01 PM @ Saint John
Bay of Fundy
5.7m / 18.7ft
Next High Tide:
8:50 AM
Next Low Tide:
2:42 AM


0 Events scheduled over the next 7 days including:

Fiscal Sustainability

Learn more about our efforts to create a more sustainable future for Saint John and achieving long term financial stability.

Transit Route Finder

Enter any starting point and destination within 
Saint John and we’ll help you get there.


Garbage Collection

Garbage Routes and Schedules


Permits, Licenses, and Service Requests

One Stop Development Shop and service request portal



Online and offline payment options for bills, tickets and invoice payments


Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities


City Videos

Watch videos and live streams on YouTube



Browse webcams throughout
Saint John