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At the horseshoe pitch

Inclusive Programs and Services

Saint John strives to be a city for everyone. Through the Growth and Community Development Service, the City supports two key committees – The Saint John Ability Advisory Committee and the Seniors Advisory Committee.

The Ability Advisory Committee is an advisory group supported by City of Saint John. This committee that provides leadership in making our community more inclusive.

Using our diverse expertise we partner with people with disabilities, government, business and the public to remove barriers by providing information and advocacy regarding disability issues. 

The Seniors Advisory Committee help to engage seniors in many wellness activities by having access to information and activity-based events.  

This leadership encourages and facilitates dialogue throughout the community. The committee is comprised of a cross-section of individual seniors, representatives of senior’s groups, a city liaison, and relevant agencies.  As one of the fast growing demographics in Saint John, it is important to maintain and increase seniors' quality of life by offering social participation which is demonstrated to improve mental and physical health.  

The links on the left provide other resources available in, and for the community.