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City of Saint John Arena Update: level orange operational plan

We appreciate the support and understanding of our arena users in keeping our facilities safe and operational

The Mandatory Order that accompanies the return to level orange of the provincial recovery plan includes a section on organized sports. It indicates “organized sporting activity is prohibited, except practices and skills drills involving a single person or team”.

The City of Saint John operates three arenas – Charles Gorman, Stewart Hurley and Peter Murray. The arenas remain open at this time, following strict COVID-19 operational plans that adhere to the directives within the mandatory order.

We appreciate the purpose for limiting organized sports at this time,as it reduces close physical interactions of individuals and minimizes the number of those on a “team” who are interacting with each other while in our facilities.

For clarification, activity restrictions within the City’s three arenas while under level orange of the recovery plan include:

  • Practices and skill development within one team are permitted with group operational plans in place to mitigate proximity while on the ice.
  • Masks are to be worn within the arena or outside on the arena property, except for on ice activities as per the previous point.
  • All other components of our Arena Operational Plan need to be followed.
  • No games or scrimmages are allowed, even within one team.
  • Only one team is permitted on the ice at a time.
  • No combining of “teams” to put more players on the ice at one time.