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Enhanced road safety measures now in place on University Avenue

The City of Saint John is pleased to announce that work to enhance road safety along University Avenue has been completed. Identified as one of the City’s Active Transportation Projects, the installation of bollards along both sides of the avenue to help protect cyclists and slow vehicle speeds, has been completed.

Bollards are vertical posts that create a protective perimeter along certain sections of roadways such as bicycle lanes. The installation of these bollards is the final step of the project on University Avenue that was undertaken to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion. The new bollards will be replaced seasonally.

Other safety enhancements that were made to the area include:

  • Reduction of the speed limit from 60 km/hr to 50 km/hr
  • Upgrade of two crosswalks with lights
  • Addition of protected, dedicated bike lanes
  • Reduction in the number of traffic lanes (also referred to as a “road diet")
  • Measures to reduce congestion near Millidge Avenue

The completion of this project provides safer access for pedestrians and cyclists and forms part of the Campus Harbour Connection route. To see a map of cycling routes in the city, click here.

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