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91 King Street

Excuse us while we grow! What you need to know about demolition plans for 91 King Street

As the City helps to facilitate the safe and efficient demolition of 91 King Street to allow for new development, there are some temporary traffic patterns that we would like the public to be aware of, which includes the following: 

 Vehicle access will be restricted along North and South Market laneways 

  • There will be no parking along South Market Street, effective Monday, May 17. No Parking signs have been installed to ensure motorists are aware. 

  • South Market Street will also be closed to all through vehicle traffic, except emergency vehicles, effective Monday, May 17 and until further notice. The lower section of South Market Street will remain open for pedestrians. 

  • The loading zone for Market merchants has been moved to North Market Street and no on-street parking will be permitted on North Market Street except for loading in the new designated loading zone. 

Sidewalk access will be maintained for pedestrians along King’s Square  

  • The portion of sidewalk next to the demolition site from South Market Street to the top of King Street, and the upper portion of King Street alongside the building will be closed while the demolition occurs.  

  • Accessible pedestrian access will be maintained along King’s Square, and down the south opposite side of King Street.  

Parking along a section of King Street is required for worksite equipment  

  • Parking on King Street immediately adjacent to the building will be sectioned off and restricted to only trucks and equipment required near the worksite.  

  • There are many convenient places to park Uptown. For a list of local lots and spaces available, click here. 

Traffic pattern adjustments in the area will be minimal 

  • A short section of Charlotte Street will have a reduction of one lane, with the intention of allowing some additional parking in the area. The public will be notified when this occurs, and parking signage will be installed. 

All entry points to the City Market will be maintained, and hours of operation will not change.  

The popular Thursday Night Market will continue to operate beginning in early June, with a vibrant and revitalized space under the lights along the lower sections of North and South Market laneways.  

As the 91 King Street demolition and new build schedules progress, the City will continue to keep the public informed with updates.  


South Market Laneway


91 King Demo