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National AccessAbility Week 2024

This year’s theme for National AccessAbility Week is "Forward Together: Accessibility and Inclusion for All," which emphasizes the need for collective efforts to create a barrier-free Canada. The City of Saint John’s strength lies in the diversity of our people, and we can all contribute to this vision.

The City prides itself on continuously improving the accessibility of our transportation system and working through the challenges of an existing transportation network not originally designed and built for accessibility. Some transportation network accessibility successes include:

  • The number of accessible on-street parking spaces aligns with the NB Building Code for off-street parking requirements.
  • Thirty-five Accessible Pedestrian Systems (APS) are installed at signalized crosswalks around the City. All future crosswalk installations and reconstructions will be upgraded with APS, with at least 8 projects planned over the next two years.
  • The time allotted for pedestrians to cross all signalized crosswalks in the City has been increased to better serve pedestrians of all abilities.
  • As we rebuild sidewalks, all saw cuts have replaced trowel joints to provide a smoother surface for pedestrians in wheelchairs and all installed access ramps at crosswalks have a level transition between the sidewalk and the street as well as a directional slope in the path of travel to assist in orienting pedestrians with low vision or those in wheelchairs when the space is available.
  • Tactile Warning Systems are installed in sidewalks at crosswalks that are expected to be used by more pedestrians with low or no vision.
  • All Saint John Transit buses have ramps for improved access. All drivers are trained. Six accessible transit buses are also maintained.

The Saint John Ability Advisory Committee, and other advocacy groups, play a vital role in guiding the City in our endeavours toward continuously improving accessibility of our transportation network. It is through these continued important conversations that real positive change will continue.