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A message from your Saint John EMO

Saint John Emergency Management Organization testing the City's emergency notification system

The Saint John Emergency Management Organization (SJ-EMO) will be conducting a test of the City’s emergency alert and notification system next Tuesday, May 9 at 10:00 a.m. during national Emergency Preparedness Week.

Residents who have signed up to receive emergency notifications and news from the City will receive an email, voice, or text alert with the message “EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE. This is a test of the City of Saint John emergency notification system. No action is required. THIS IS ONLY A TEST.” 

Residents who have not signed up to receive alerts and notifications are encouraged to do so by visiting The email, voice and text notification system is used by the SJ-EMO and the City of Saint John to broadly communicate urgent public notices.

In addition to signing up for alerts, we encourage citizens to follow the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.