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The lighthouse at Partridge Island

Shaping our Future: a "spotlight" on sustainability

The City of Saint John has been working for several years to address our budget gap. With the COVID-19 crisis adding pressure to our bottom line, we need to continue to implement our action plans so that our finances are in good shape for the long-term. For a list of immediate actions required to address our deficit, click here

This summary outlines our plan to address the immediate priority of balancing the 2021 and 2022 budgets. It also details the longer-term work needed with the province and our regional partners to close the gap.

Addressing the deficit alone is not enough to put Saint John on a sustainable financial path; it is a two-year solution that will enable us to control costs until transformational reforms take hold. For long-term sustainability, we must couple our short-term cost-control measures with these reforms. Only then will the Saint John region truly succeed. To learn more about the long-term reforms we are advocating for, visit here