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Statement from the Mayor

In light of concerns Saint John City Council has in relation to the behaviour of two of its members and the risk posed to the local government as a result of their behaviour, at its meeting held October 3, 2023, Council resolved as follows:

“That, on the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole and pending the outcome of an investigation under the Code of Conduct By-Law, Councillors Killen and Harris be relieved of all their council committee duties and their appointments by Council to different bodies be rescinded, effective immediately.”

This resolution of Council lifts privileges bestowed on Councillors Killen and Harris by Council pending the outcome of a Code of Conduct investigation. 

Elected members of the City of Saint John, including the Mayor and Councillors, are bound by Bylaw LG-5: A Bylaw Respecting the Code of Conduct for Elected Members of the City of Saint John, which is available on the City website. The Bylaw outlines the values and behaviours to which all council members must adhere.