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Shot of sidewalk in the summer

Heritage Development Board

Builders and artisans from the distant past crafted our built heritage. Community members from the near past and present have ensured that many of these buildings survived. These forward-thinking individuals recognized the potential value of heritage buildings to the City’s future and their work is now evident on City streets.

The first heritage committee of Common Council, the Preservation Review Board, was formed in 1980, and the City’s first Heritage Conservation Area, Trinity Royal, was created in 1982. Today, Common Council’s Heritage Development Board, a citizen board, and the Heritage Officer oversee the service. 

The Heritage Development Board is a critical part of the City’s commitment to protect and maintain the City’s built heritage. Primary responsibilities of this board are to review applications for major alterations to existing buildings, new construction, and demolition in the City’s Heritage Conservation Areas, and to provide recommendations to Common Council on Heritage By-Law Amendments. The Board also recognizes excellence in building conservation through an annual award program. The Heritage Development Board meets the first Wednesday of the month.

To see agendas for upcoming meetings, to review minutes of past meetings, and to inquire about becoming a member of this board, please click the appropriate links. Reporting to the Board, the City’s Heritage Officer acts as an interface between property owners, the Board and other city departments and services, primarily Building Inspection and Planning. The Heritage Officer can also approve applications dealing with regular building maintenance in Heritage Conservation Areas.