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AVIP Agenda 2030

City of Saint John and Port Saint John Co-sign AIVP Agenda 2030

Pictured from left to right Dr. José M P Sánchez, Director of the AIVP Agenda 2030, Brent McGovern, CAO, City of Saint John, Gary Sullivan, Councilor, City of Saint John (on behalf of Saint John Mayor Donna Reardon), Craig Bell Estabrooks, CEO, Saint John Port Authority, and Jack Keir, Board Chair, Port Saint John.

The International Association Cities & Ports (Association Internationale Villes et Ports - AIVP) works to improve port city dialogue and to promote cooperation between local and regional government authorities, port authorities, citizens, and economic stakeholders. Today, nearly 200 AIVP port city members from all over the world are committed to putting port city dialogue at the heart of their urban, port, and economic development projects.

According to Dr. José M P Sánchez, Director of the Agenda 2030 by AIVP:

“AIVP launched its Agenda 2030 to facilitate this dialogue between cities and ports and indicate a roadmap for sustainable port-city relationships, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the local context.   We are very proud to see two active members of our network, the City and Port Authority of Saint John, jointly ratifying our Agenda 2030, showing their commitment and engagement for a holistic port-city vision. We look forward to witnessing the next steps in this cooperation, the new projects and community dialogues that will take place and we will valorize in our global network.”

According to City of Saint John Mayor Donna Noade Reardon, the City is thrilled to announce its commitment with Port Saint John to the AIVP 2030 Agenda:

 “This initiative marks a significant step forward in our shared vision for a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future. By embracing these ambitious goals, we are strengthening our economic and environmental resilience and enhancing the quality of life for all our residents. Our collaboration with Port Saint John is strong and underscores the critical role that our waterfront plays in the City's development and future. Together, we are dedicated to fostering innovation, protecting our natural resources, and ensuring that Saint John continues to thrive as a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic community. We look forward to working with our partners and stakeholders to achieve these objectives and to build a better future for generations to come."

 According to Saint John Port Authority CEO Craig Bell Estabrooks, the Port sees the formalization of an existing strong partnership as symbolic step forward:

 “Signing Agenda 2030 together with City of Saint John underscores our shared commitment to the present and future sustainability of our city and region. Committing to collaboration on the goals outlined in Agenda 2030 ensures that quality of life on social, environmental and economic fronts are central to our discussions and are core responsibilities that we share and strongly believe in.   We look forward to continuing to meet challenges together and to seeking new ways to make our shared waterfront a dynamic and inclusive environment for all who live, work, and play here.”