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Egbert Street Clean Up

Clean-up efforts for abandoned encampment sites within the City continue this week

Photo: before and after cleanup of the Egbert Street site

According to Lisa Caissie, Director of External Relations for the City, the effort to clean up abandoned encampment sites is going well, “two abandoned sites were cleaned last week and another three are planned for this week.”

The effort began the week of April 17 and is being undertaken by the City with the support and collaboration of front-line agencies through the Homelessness Information Partnership of Saint John (HIPSJ) and the Province of New Brunswick. The cleanups completed last week include an area off Egbert Street and an area off Seely Street.

Caissie says the community can expect to see several more cleanups in the coming weeks and months. “Our immediate focus remains on abandoned sites only. Last week’s cleanups were on City lands, while this week’s will be focused on Provincially owned properties,” adds Caissie.

The work is being conducted by a contracted service provider to ensure professional, safe handling practices of potential biohazardous materials.

For occupied encampments, the City helps with regular site cleanliness. “We’ve been providing garbage bags for residents of occupied encampments and crews regularly collect anything that’s placed at the curb. Working with HIPSJ, additional supports, such as sharps containers, rakes and gloves for safe clean up purposes are also being explored,” says Caissie. 

The City asks the community to remain understanding under the circumstances, to avoid conducting their own cleanup efforts of encampment sites, and to maintain a safe and respectful distance from sites where crews are working.