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Saint John Fire Department and Saint John Sea Dogs

Saint John Fire Department provides unique training and teamwork experience for Saint John Sea Dogs

Joined by Mayor Donna Reardon, the Saint John Fire Department (SJFD) welcomed players from the Saint John Sea Dogs to the fire training facility on Wednesday for a unique day of teambuilding and training. Firefighters provided a hands-on experience for players, putting them through some of the training drills used by the SJFD, focusing on teamwork and performing under pressure.   

Wearing full firefighter uniforms and gear, players had a chance to experience high-rise ladder climbs, hose carries, dummy drags and forceable entry and search in the four-story training tower.  

“The Saint John Fire Department has a long history of working with local organizations and we were excited to have the Sea Dogs here to experience some of the training, both physical and mental, that we use to develop the camaraderie and work ethic it takes to excel as a team,” said Peter Ehler, Division Chief, Training for the SJFD. “Based on how well today went, perhaps we can make this an annual event.”   

The day finished off with a touching presentation by SJFD team members to the Sea Dogs of a service-worn fire helmet customized with the Sea Dogs' logo.