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Saint John Transit Commission releases 2020 Stantec report findings and begins work to develop implementation plan

The report details public feedback received about the delivery of the Saint John Transit system and forms the basis from which the Commission will deliver on forward-thinking Transit service for Saint John.  

Led by the Transit Commission, Saint John Transit management team and various City representatives, the report includes a review of transit system data, best practices, and community and stakeholder feedback.  

The Saint John Transit Commission, with support from the City of Saint John, has reviewed the recommendations found in the report and is in the process of creating a plan to implement short, medium, and long-term goals and strategies that will improve the overall transit service and grow ridership.   

"We are working to enhance the overall management, sustainability and rider experience of the Transit system in Saint John," says Trish Ellsworth, Chairperson of the Saint John Parking and Transit Commissions. "To do this, we must be forward thinking with our strategies and ensure that we have a system that is and remains efficient, affordable, and accessible to meet the needs of our community today, and well into the future."  

The Transit Commission is committed to ensuring the City’s Transit system remains ready to serve residents first and in the most effective way. Community engagement will continue to be a priority for the Commission as the plan is developed and key strategies are implemented.  

To view the full 2020 Stantec report visit,