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Parking signs on Princess Street

Residential Zone Permits


What are Residential Zone Parking Permits?

A Residential Zone Parking Permit makes it easier for residents to find curbside parking in their designated zone by exempting permit holders from the two-hour parking limit that’s otherwise enforced. The permit does not guarantee a parking space.


Please note the following additional requirements and rules:

  • Residential permit holders are exempt from the 2-hour limit—but are still subject to all other traffic regulations such as parking meter regulations and signs prohibiting or restricting parking, stopping, or standing.
  • A person must reside on a street for which the Residential Zone Parking Permit is issued. 
  • A permit will be issued only to residents who do not have access to off-street parking. 
  • A permit is effective as soon as it is issued. 
  • A permit may be issued to more than one vehicle per dwelling unit.
  • The permit will not be renewed until all tickets have been paid in full. 


How much does the permit cost?

Annual permits cost $75.00 (HST included) per vehicle per year. The HotSpot app/website accepts payment through credit card, visa/debit card or a prepaid credit card. Alternatively, you can purchase your permit at City Hall located at 15 Market Square, Saint John at the Customer Service Front desk, Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays), 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How can I purchase a permit?

Residential Parking Permits can be purchased through the HotSpot app/website, which allows customers the ability to manage their own residential permits through the application. Purchase a permit here.


What documents are required to purchase a permit?


     • If the information on the registration cannot be changed, please also provide the insurance policy showing the corresponding policy      information and the applicant named as an insured driver on the vehicle.

2. PROOF OF RECENT RESIDENCY IN THE UPTOWN AREA – (ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED); and This documentation must be presented upon renewal each year.

     • Recent copy of lease or rent receipt indicating address (within 2 months)

     • Current utility bill for service at that address (power, telephone, cable etc.) (within 2 months)

     • Other current business type mail (bank or credit card statement etc.) (within 2 months)

     • Signed letter from landlord confirming residency. (within 2 months)


     • All parking tickets must be paid in full

The Parking Department allows uptown residents to purchase temporary residential parking permits for their visitor (100km outside Saint John) or for new residents to the city to provide time to update vehicle registration prior to purchasing an annual residential pass.


How does enforcement know if I have a permit?

While there are no hanging tags required, once a permit is purchased through the HotSpot app/website, by-law enforcement officers monitor and enforce the residential parking program through a scan by license plate system. There are currently 6 residential zones in the South-Central Peninsula.


How do I renew my parking permit?

Residents need to reapply each year for a permit and resubmit digital copies of proof of residency to complete the application. Residents can purchase their 2024-2025 permit as of April 15, 2024. Residential parking permits are NOT transferable.


To reapply please log in to the HotSpot app/website and apply for a new Residential Parking Permit for the 2024-2025 season here.


I need help and/or have more questions regarding my application, who can I contact?

If you require assistance for your application, please contact HotSpot customer support at 1-855-712-5888 or online


For the City of Saint John Customer Service Centre call 658-4455 or email


I am unsure if I have outstanding parking tickets?

If you are unsure if you have any outstanding parking tickets, please contact 506-658-4455, Monday to Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  


Payments can be made via 506-658-4455, in person at the City Hall customer service or online by using this link: