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Parking signs on Princess Street

Residential Zone Permits

A Residential Zone Parking Permit makes it easier for residents to find curbside parking on their own street by exempting permit holders from the two-hour parking limit that’s otherwise enforced. The permit does not guarantee a parking space, but it frees up spaces so more are available for those with permits. Annual permits cost $60.00 (HST included) per vehicle per year, and temporary permits for out-of-town guests of residents cost $14.00 per vehicle per week.

How it works

Typically, residential zones have a 2-hour parking limit, and any vehicle not adhering to this limit will be ticketed. Permit holders are exempt from the 2-hour limit—but are still subject to all other traffic regulations such as parking meter regulations and signs prohibiting or restricting parking, stopping, or standing. Please note the following additional requirements and rules.

  • A person must reside on a street for which the Residential Zone Parking Permit is issued. 
  • A permit will be issued only to residents who do not have access to off-street parking. 
  • A permit is effective as soon as it is issued. 
  • A Permit may be issued to more than one vehicle per dwelling unit.

How to apply for a Residential Zone Parking Permit

All monthly parking accounts are managed directly by parking customers through the HotSpot online website or app. You must provide both a valid New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Registration with the current uptown address and a bona fide proof of residency issued to the uptown address. The HotSpot app will require residential customers to upload digital copies of proof of residency in order to complete the application.

Examples of a proof of residency include a recent telephone bill, power bill, water bill, government issued mail physically delivered to the uptown address, or a copy of a recently-signed lease agreement.

Permits are valid From May 1st to April 30th of the next year, as indicated on the front of the permit. Renewals must be done before your May 1st expiry.

The price of a parking permit decreases by 1/12 for each passing month. For example, a permit issued in May would cost $52.17 plus HST and in June, it would cost $47.82 plus HST.

Residential Parking Permits are NOT transferable. Please visit your HotSpot account to make any desired changes.

How to apply for a Residential Zone Parking Permit Program

Do you and your neighbours feel that a Residential Zone Parking Permit Program is required for your area? If so, a neighbourhood group or an individual representing residents should contact the Parking Commission to present their concerns and needs. The Parking Commission will provide the group with all available information on possible programs available. Group representative(s) can then meet with the Parking Commission representative(s) to discuss possible solutions. Based on this discussion, a report is reviewed by the Traffic and Parking Engineers and a plan is devised. Implementation begins on a pilot program basis for the first three to six months, enabling alterations to be made.

Community residents will be able to review the effectiveness of the system and a decision will be made to maintain the permit parking program or return to the previous parking regulations. Residents will be informed that the Saint John Parking Commission is open to further suggestions and information about the program, and the public will be notified of the changes via newspaper and notices delivered to the residents of the affected area. Consistent and continuous enforcement of the new regulations begins with officers being assigned to the routes which cover the permit parking area.