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Watershed at Spruce Lake

Industrial Water Use

The economic vitality of our community depends on industry, and industry depends on a reliable supply of water. The Industrial Water Service provides industry with raw water to carry out their processes. The service includes the supply of water, operation and maintenance of related infrastructure, and billing and collection based on the amount of water used.

Saint John Water manages two separate industrial raw water supplies. Loch Lomond and Latimer Lake Watershed supplies raw water to industrial users east of the Reversing Falls Bridge, and Spruce Lake Watershed supplies raw water to industrial users west of the Reversing Falls Bridge. Each raw industrial water system includes screening and distribution of raw, untreated water (non-potable). 

Separate Industrial water rates have been developed with each user. Each user’s individual raw water rate is calculated to fully recover the cost of operating the industrial system (including debt servicing) as well as annual contributions to asset replacement reserves (to fully fund the eventual replacement of existing assets) and a yearly contribution to a rate stabilization reserve. The cost recovery approach applied to calculate the user rates is consistent with the requirements of the Local Governance Act which requires water and sewer services to be balanced on an annual basis. These rates can be found in the Water Service Rates page.