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Private Bill Notice: Notice of Legislation

Private Bill Notice

TAKE NOTICE that the City of Saint John intends to apply to the current or next session of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for the enactment of a Private Bill entitled An Act to Amend the Saint John Transit Commission Act.

The nature and objects of the Bill are to:

  1. Modify the composition of the Commission:
  2. Provide greater flexibility in the length of the terms for Commission members, frequency of meetings, and management staffing for the Commission;
  3. Clarify the financial accountability for Commission operations;
  4. Enable Common Council to issue directives to the Commission;
  5. Maintain existing pension arrangements for employees of the Commission;
  6. With the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, enable Common Council to wind up the Commission at a future time; and
  7. Generally update the Saint John Transit Commission Act.

DATED at the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, this 9th day of November, 2020.