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A message from your Saint John EMO

Shelter in place notice issued for areas of City due to smoke from fire at AIM facility

The SJ-EMO has issued a voluntary shelter-in-place order for residents in the City’s South end and Millidgeville areas due to the fire incident currently taking place at the AIM recycling facility. 

Residents are asked to remain in their homes, if possible, due to air quality concerns. Closing all windows and doors is recommended as well as turning off HVAC systems.

It is recommended that if you are in an area where you smell smoke, that you limit your exposure outside. Should you need to be outside, consider wearing a mask as a precautionary measure. 

Emergency personnel are working to contain the fire, and the Department of Environment has been engaged.

The following schools have been closed for the day due to air quality concerns:

  • Saint John High School
  • Saint Malachy's Memorial High School
  • St. John the Baptist/King Edward School

Updated information will be provided through: