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Garbage and composting pick up

Waste Wise

We can all make improvements in the amount of waste we generate in our lives, and become more responsible for our waste. Waste Wise Saint John is an initiative that aims to help residents reduce waste through education, resources, and enforcement. 


Composting reduces landfill waste, thereby extending the life of the landfill. Plus, animals and birds will not be attracted to your garbage if there is no food product in it, which makes for cleaner properties and streetscapes. But did you know that it even makes economic sense to compost? The FRSC fee for compost is $40 per metric tonne, compared to the $108 per tonne of garbage. We save money and help save the planet when we compost.

For composting tips, please visit the Fundy Regional Service Commission website here.


You can reduce household waste by nearly 50 per cent when you recycle! Blue Bin depots are located throughout the city to recycle your corrugated cardboard, paper, boxboard, and plastic, metal, and milk containers.

Household electronics can be recycled at the Crane Mountain Landfill Hazardous Waste Depot and at other depot locations throughout the city. This is a free program.

For more recycling information including a blue bin map, visit

Preventing a mess

You can help prevent garbage from making a mess of yards, sidewalks or streets. Secure your containers during inclement weather, and cover your garbage with an old blanket or tarp to prevent animal and bird interference—crews will leave your covering behind when they clear your street. Remember, you are responsible for your garbage and any loose refuse resulting from weather, animals, or otherwise.