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How to Pay Your Bill

Flat rate vs metered rate 

About 80% of our 17,000 customers pay a flat rate for their water and sewerage services. In a flat-rate system, customers pay the same amount for each residential unit regardless of the quantity of water used. By comparison, about 20% of our customers pay a metered rate. In this case, the customer has a water meter installed, which measures the occupants’ actual water usage, and charges them according to the exact amount of water consumed. 

Because a metered rate is a more fair and equitable system (low water users pay less than high users), Saint John water has experienced an increase in calls to be converted to the metered system. However, the implementation and administration of metering is complicated and expensive. Meter supplies are limited, each installation has to be read and serviced, and billing and collection considerations come into play. For these reasons, we have had to put further conversions on hold—for now.

Implementation of a universal metering program needs to be well planned, fully-resourced, and carefully managed. We are talking about 14,000 or so new installations. Once we have the resources and plan in place, we will be able to pursue our universal metering program in full.

Water payments 

The City of Saint John offers six different ways to pay your water bill.