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A view of "Progression" the public art at the front of City Hall

Liability and Damage Claims

If you’ve been injured or experienced property damage, and you feel the City of Saint John is responsible—for example, due to negligence in the maintenance of facilities, roads, trees, or sewers—you may consider filing a damage claim. 

Before filing a claim, you should contact your own insurance company. If your insurer feels the City is responsible, they will pursue the City for damages. All claims take time to investigate. In the meantime, it is your responsibility to repair your damaged property. Be sure to keep receipts in case your damage claim is successful.

Saint John’s Risk Management Division works with citizens, businesses, and property owners to determine the City’s liability as it applies to various claims. The City pays only when there is a legal obligation—for instance if the City was negligent in their operations. The City is not typically negligent if the damage is due to extreme weather, or sudden, unpreventable occurrences. For example, potholes are an unavoidable part of life in any city. Drivers have the duty to drive as per road conditions and some onus is on them in the event of hitting a road hazard. The City is liable for damage only if the City has failed to respond to the hazard in a reasonable time. If, after investigation, the City is found to be negligent, the amount paid is based on current value, not replacement cost, of damaged property.