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The Central Peninsula of the City

Planning, Building, Infrastructure and Heritage Conservation

Community Planning, Building Inspection, Infrastructure Development, and Heritage Conservation form the City’s One-Stop Development Shop to serve all of your development needs. The One-Stop Development Shop reviews applications and works with large developers and homeowners alike to ensure the success of your development project and the prosperity of our City.

Community Planning is responsible for preparing policy documents and implementing by-laws to guide and regulate the development in a smart and sustainable manner.

Building Inspection works with developers and consultants to ensure that buildings meet the National Building Code of Canada to ensure they are safe and comfortable to live in for years to come.

Infrastructure Development approves engineering drawings, municipal servicing plans, drainage systems, and utility installations to protect City infrastructure and ensure that citizens are not adversely affected by new development.

The Heritage Conservation Service identifies, protects, and promotes that which is important to the culture and history of Saint John. The City of Saint John is proud of its 225 years of rich heritage represented in our people and our architecture.