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Travel with Heart

City of Saint John launches Travel with Heart road safety education campaign

The City of Saint John has launched a new road safety education campaign, reminding residents to travel with heart and be aware when moving through our city.  Whether driving, walking, cycling or using any other personal mode of transportation, the campaign focuses on the role residents have in making smart choices that keep everyone safe.

The City is happy to share the campaign launch video: Travel with Heart (

“We are committed to making Saint John’s roads safer for everyone,” says Tim O’Reilly, Director of Public Works and Transportation. “Our new road safety education campaign focuses on increasing awareness and promoting safe behaviours when traveling throughout our neighbourhoods. We believe that through community engagement and education, we can help reduce accidents and make our city’s streets safer for all residents.”

Over the coming months, a series of social media videos will be shared highlighting specific road safety topics such as distracted driving, speeding, cycling, pedestrian awareness, construction zone safety, and railroad crossings. We encourage residents to share the videos when they’re released to help spread the word about the importance of road safety in our community.

Let’s work together to ensure our roads are safe for everyone. Stay alert, follow traffic rules, and travel with heart.

This campaign is funded by the Government of Canada’s Active Transportation Fund.

Here to help – For inquiries related to municipal services, contact the City of Saint John Customer Service Centre at (506) 658-4455, email or visit us in person on the Ground Floor of City Hall, 15 Market Square, Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays), 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.