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When you advertise with Saint John Transit you reach your customers—the people of Saint John. It’s not just transit users who see your message. Anyone using Saint John’s streets—drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are exposed to a lot of transit advertising. Saint John Transit has partnered with Pattison Outdoor Advertising for all bus advertising, including the outside of buses, inside buses, bus shelters, and  bus wraps. 

Banner poster advertising is available on the outside and inside of most Saint John Transit buses—panels come in various sizes and can be purchased for various lengths of time. Saint John Transit Shelters are a very visible place for your message. And Saint John Transit bus wraps provide a unique and unmissable way to get your message seen. Typical investments can broadcast your ad for up to three years with hundreds of thousands of impressions. Each wrap is a one-of-a-kind advertisement that helps your organization stand out.

Please inquire for pricing and availability.