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Ridership Rules

To make sure that travel by transit is comfortable and pleasant for every passenger, riders are asked to obey the following common-sense rules.

  • Passengers are allowed to ride with bags and other items that they’re able to carry. Please ensure your items are not left in the aisles, and are not taking up an extra seat.
  • Animals are allowed on the bus only in enclosed, secure carriers. Service dogs do not need to be enclosed.
  • Bicycles cannot be taken onto the buses, however, a growing number of our newer buses now have special bike racks mounted on their fronts.
  • No smoking is allowed on the bus or in bus shelters.
  • When waiting for your bus, remain at marked bus stops and transit shelters.
  • You may exit the buses only at marked bus stops. However, after dark, passengers may request the bus to stop between stops for safety reasons.
  • If you notice another passenger in need of medical assistance, please immediately advise the driver who will radio emergency personnel to assist.