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Transit Saint John

FLEX Service

Saint John Transit Flex


On January 9, 2023 riders who use Routes 13 (Milford) and 14 (Churchill) west will be the first in the city to have their area served by Saint John Transit's new FLEX service.

FLEX service does not operate on a fixed route or schedule. It operates within a zone. Riders will use an app on their phone or call a dispatcher to schedule a ride. The app or the dispatcher will let the rider know when to meet the bus at the stop. Riders can travel from stop to stop within the zone, or transfer at common stops on Routes 1, 15 or 12.


Longer service hours

Routes 13 and 14 have low ridership and a limited schedule. Riders who live in the FLEX zone will have service available throughout the day.

Monday to Friday 6:30 am until 6:30 pm
Saturday from 10 am until 6 pm

The goal is to have the bus arrive at the requested stop within half an hour of the request.

Wider service area

FLEX will allow transit service to expand into the Dominion Park area and areas west of Manchester Avenue. See the document on the right for a map of the zone and the stops.

Service when riders want it

FLEX service offers riders a much more "flexible" approach to transit service. Riders can ride stop to stop within the zone or transfer at any common stops that serve Routes 1, 12 or 15.

Twenty foot electric buses
Saint John Transit has leased six new Karzan electric buses to serve the FLEX routes. These buses are widely used across Europe.

Visit the AppStore or Google Play to download onto your smartphone



Over the next few weeks, area residents will notice new signage in the area. They will also notice that there will stop removals. Stops are being removed mainly where there are duplicate stops.

It is important to note that between January 9 and 14, regular service on Routes 13 and 14 will be maintained during the transition of users to this new service.

Fixed route service changes west


Route 1, Route 15 and Route 12 will continue providing fixed route, scheduled service.

Route 1 East extension (December 27)
The Route 1 Rapid Line running between the City’s East and West Sides will extend to serve the Irving Oil Field House East. Lancaster Mall West will be the last stop on Route 1. Riders travelling between Lancaster Mall and Fairville Plaza on the Golden Mile can transfer to Route 15.

Route 15 Harbour Bridge route change (December 27)
Service on the Route 15 Harbour Bridge Community Line running between the West Side and Uptown via the Harbour Bridge will extend to serve Fairville Plaza. To accommodate this extension, Route 15 will now travel along Ludlow Street. Stops on Champlain, Charlotte, Duke Streets will close, and stops will be added on Ludlow Street. Temporary signage will be posted to announce closed stops.

In 2023, service enhancements will roll out across the system. Find out more about the Transforming Transit project here.

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